Oct 30 2015

A Youthful, Happier you is just an LDL Consultation Away…

Hair extensions can help achieve a much needed makeover, can complete a look, and make a real fashion statement for wearers. However, for a lot of women, they also mean so much more. Hair loss and thinning is more common amongst woman than you may realise, and it can be detrimental to a sufferer’s confidence and overall self-esteem. Woman suffering from hair thinning and loss often feel hopeless, and with so many gimmicks out there, it’s easy to see why.

Boost your volume and your confidence
If you’re suffering from hair thinning or loss, the first thing you have to realise is you’re not alone, and secondly, that there is a solution. For a lot of woman, solace comes in the form of premium hair extensions which provide much needed length and volume. Why waste money on unnecessary procedures when the answer to looking younger, could be as simple as a new hair-do?

“I would like to say a big thank to the gorgeous Dee at Lady Dee-Lish! I have worn every type of hair extension on the market. Spent ridiculous amounts of money. Damaged my hair to the point that I had to stop and rebuild my hair. This had a huge effect on my self-esteem…” says Kylie Ostler

“My hair has always been fine, but Ive always craved big, luscious long hair.
After lots of research, following people and hair that I admired (including celebrities) it led me to Lady Dee-Lish and her amazing hair.”

With Lady Dee-Lish it really is that simple

Yes, LDL’s premium Russian hair extensions are an investment, however, they pose no risk to the health of your scalp or hair, are intended for long-term wear, and come with no expiry date. Why risk your health with permanent procedures, when a more youthful appearance is just an LDL consultation away?

We’ll ensure that your extensions are matched perfectly to your hair and that the look you desire is achieved. Don’t cheat yourself by purchasing second tear hair extensions when you could be walking around looking and feeling a million dollars with LDL. The quality of our premium hair extensions is unmatched, they’re made from untouched virgin hair sourced from one subject, untreated, and kept in their optimal condition right up until the installation.

Open door, open call

Aside from offering our customers the best hair extensions on the market we also make it our business to ensure each client has the best possible customer experience. Part of the LDL difference is making each client as comfortable as possible, explaining each step of the process, and our open door, and open call policy. I’m always available to clients, and happy to answer any questions and assist in any way I can.

If you’re looking for an answer to the effects aging can have on your hair, invest in Lady Dee-Lish. We’ll get your confidence skyrocketing before you know it! Call us on 03 9857 4689 now, and we’ll start making strides towards a younger, happier looking you as soon as today.