Feb 21 2016

Busting Hair Extension Myths and Taking Names

At Lady Dee-Lish, we’ve worked in the industry long enough to have heard every outrageous, ridiculous and just plain hilarious myth about wefts that there is. So this week, we’re firmly instructing you to throw everything you think you know about them out the window. Welcome The LDL Academy, where fabulous hair comes to thrive. Class is now in session.

MYTH: If the label says ‘Russian’ or ‘Remy’, it must be good quality, right?

Ella Rogers came to me a couple of months ago, having always worn hair extensions, and sick of the poor quality hair she had been continually sold & let me tell you, yet again I am blessed to now work with her as my client, let me tell you a little bit about Ella Rogers

Oh, how we wish it were this easy. Although authentic virgin Russian hair extensions, like the ones we specialise in at LDL, do in fact offer the most exceptional quality on the market, the unfortunate truth is that you can’t always trust what the label says. Real extensions of this kind are grown by Slavic people whose locks come in every colour and length and have never been touched by chemicals of any kind. Companies looking to take advantage of this reputation instead factory produce the hair in Russia, douse it in chemicals and slap a label on it saying that it’s ‘Russian’ – The chemicals they use make it look and feel great long enough for you to wash it a couple of times, at which point it becomes dry, tangled and matted.

The same goes for Remy options. ‘Remy’ means that every cuticle on the weft you purchase is facing the same way, just like your natural hair. This is important as it stops your extensions from catching and tangling on one another. Fake “Remy” hair is stripped of its follicle and soaked in chemicals to give it a smooth exterior that seems okay to begin with but quickly goes downhill sooner than you can say ‘hot mess’. To avoid paying good money for untrustworthy extensions, always see a reputable specialist hair dresser like the babes at Lady Dee-Lish – we know what you like and we’ve got you covered.

MYTH: You can’t style, cut or colour hair extensions

How boring would life be if you couldn’t change your hair with your mood? At LDL, we find that many of our clients worry about ‘ruining’ their beautiful new extensions with curling wands and straightening irons, or are hesitant because they think they won’t be able to change their colour! The truth is that when you invest in luxurious virgin Russian hair extensions, you treat them like your real hair – because they are real hair! Anything you can do to your natural locks, you can do to your weft. And yes, that includes using ‘normal’ haircare products. There’s no need for expensive, ‘specially made’ extension treatments around here! It’s all good, baby!

MYTH: There are only a limited amount of colours and lengths available

One of the reasons we offer nothing but top of the range Russian wefts is because the hair is grown by Slavic women with locks of all colours and kinds! This means that our diverse range of lovely lady clients can always find the right shade and style to suit what they’re looking for. Whether you want a dead straight ‘do or curls so big you can see them from space, we tailor each weft to your individual wants and needs to ensure that the final result is nothing short of flawless.

MYTH: Extensions only last a few months before they start looking bad

At the end of the day, any worries you have about getting hair extensions can be thrown out the window when you choose Lady Dee-Lish and her super-stylist team of haircare extraordinaire’s to take care of you.

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