Dec 04 2014

Expressing Inner Beauty: What Hair Extensions Mean to a Girl’s Self Confidence

WOW what a day…

Everyone who knows me knows that I truly love what I do!

I have said this a thousand times, however I have to say it again:

Hair extensions mean much more to a girl’s self confidence than just how they look!

Meet the absolutely beautiful Maeghan.

She is 20 years old. She contacted us via email and this is what she said…

“Hey my name is Maeghan and I’m looking to get some extensions. Almost a year ago I was very sick and lost 15kgs in a week. The extreme weight loss caused my hair to thin and now I am left with very fine hair. I’ve always had fine hair but until I got sick I had a lot of it and it was never an insecurity for me. I have followed you on instagram for a while and I’ve been so impressed by your work. I want to feel beautiful and confident again and I really hope you can help me with that!

I just knew I had to give her back her confidence. And today we did just that! Please note: Maeghan WAS and IS beautiful regardless of her new hair, but I know that giving her back her long thick locks will do miracles for her self confidence!

If you have suffered any type of hair loss we are here to help and would love to hear from you, simply call 0401 221 290