Oct 09 2015

Four Fabulous Maintenance Tips to Achieve Flawless Locks!!!

The stresses of day-to-day life on your hair stressing you out? You’re constantly trying new styles with different outfits, straightening, curling and slicking your hair back. You’re a runner, which exposes your locks to the sometimes harsh effects of Mother Nature. In the hotter weather, you swim before work exposing your hair to harsh chemicals. You’re in between visits and you’re anxious about the effects of everyday life on your quality Russian hair extensions. So, what do you do?

Firstly, take a breath. As a Lady Deelish customer you’re already at an advantage with us in your corner. Secondly, though LDL’s premium hair extensions are extremely easy to maintain and style, for those who believe in being better safe than sorry, I’m right there with you – here’s a handful of helpful maintenance tips for both your hair extensions and your natural hair.

1. It’s a Balancing Game
Brushing is a balancing game. Brush, yes, but remember, brush too much or too vigorously and you may cause damage to your hair. We recommend a wide tooth comb or a gentle brush, and whatever you do, avoid brushing your hair whilst wet. This is when the most damage will accrue. When you can, let your hair dry naturally. When you blow dry, use a heat protector spray and when you towel dry, dry with a gentle technique to avoid breakage.

2. You’re Always Fabulous with LDL
This extends to styling, braids, high pony tails and buns, as they can lead to damage too. Your premium Russian hair extensions are real hair and, thus, should be treated as so. By all means, don’t limit your fabulousness by avoiding certain styles, but treat your hair with the respect it deserves to optimise its health and maintain its optimum condition. After all, you’re always fabulous with LDL hair extensions.

3. Avoid over Washing
It’s also worth a mention that just like over brushing, over washing can also be damaging. You don’t need to, and shouldn’t be, washing your hair every day. For those with oiler hair, this may be a hard tip to swallow, but a dry shampoo or talcum powder on the roots can be a short-term fix to greasy locks. Additionally, a mild shampoo can also help keep damage from over washing at bay and I highly recommend using regular leave-in hair treatments.

4. Here’s the Big One…
If you have any concerns, always consult a professional (we know a gal). A professional knows what they’re doing and will be able to squash any fears you have and provide you with the absolute best advice. If you already have hair extensions or you’re thinking about investing in some, call 03 9857 4689 or email us on, and I’ll answer any of your questions personally – it’s the LDL difference. For more tips, check out our previous post Seven Deadly Sins.