Jan 18 2016

Hair feeling a little flat? Here are my tips for breathing new life into your locks

Now that we’re well and truly settled into 2016, it’s time to turn our attention back to our hair.

Your locks may have taken a bit of a beating during the Christmas and New Year period, what with all your blow-drying, dry-shampooing, and all-night partying.  If you’re stuck for ideas on how to get your hair back into shipshape, or you aren’t sure how to give it that extra va-va-voom, have a look through my tips for taking your tresses to a new level…



Are you usually a top-knot gal? Do you always rock your locks straight when you head into work? Ditch the hair straightener every now and then and try loose, curly waves. Or try a slicked back pony tail for instant elegance that accentuates your facial features. After all, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so bring out those bad boys. One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your look is to change up your hairstyle.



Have you had the same layered looks for years, or are you still sporting the infamous Rachel-from-Friends haircut? 2016 is the year to be brave! Get that fringe you’ve always wanted, or cut off your mane. If you want to be able to mix up looks more often, why not try LDL extensions and see how much fun it can be to have that extra length and volume to play around with.



For hair that stays effortlessly fabulous throughout the day, you gotta put in the hard yards first thing in the morning. That extra 10 minutes spent styling your hair can give you that much-needed boost of confidence to power through your day. After all, you never know who you might bump into, and gorgeous hair is the best revenge…



I see clients who range from their early 20s right through to their 70s and beyond, and every single one of them enjoys their hair and their LDL extensions because they have the confidence to rock it just how they like it. Remember this, and ignore the critics who say that long hair shouldn’t be worn past the age of 40, or that short hair is for older women only. Do what you like, and wear it with pride. Don’t forget to accept all the compliments along the way with a gracious smile.



Make friends with your hairdresser and see them often. After each appointment, schedule in the next one for 6 weeks’ time. This way, your hair will remain in peak condition. After all, a visit to the salon is kind of like a compulsory indulgence.



Don’t be afraid to take out your hair toolkit and experiment a little. The internet is full of handy tips, tricks and hacks that make styling both easy and enjoyable. You can also check out our Hair Trends we’re Loving post for some looks that can be rocked from the desk to the dancefloor. For extra inspo, have a look through Instagram – there’s thousands of envy-inducing styles that you can create yourself. Who said you shouldn’t have fun with your hair?


For the summer, braids and twists, beach waves and loose buns are all the rage. It’s all about channelling the chilled vibes we associate with days soaking up the sun or sipping cocktails by the pool. The best part? These styles can easily be recreated at home – all you need is a good-quality wide-tooth comb to tousle your tresses and give your hair that scrunchable texture. A bit of Milkshake Whipped Cream (which I have professed my love for in this previous post is an absolute must have. Not only does it add moisture, but it also protects from the harsh Australian UV rays. PERFECT.










My favourite look, and probably the easiest one to recreate, is beach waves. To nail this style, you’ll need to towel-dry your hair so that it’s damp but not dripping. Twist your hair into sections, and remember that the bigger the chunk of twisted hair, the looser your curls will be.


Grab all of your twisted sections together at the top of your head, and apply a generous amount of Milkshake Whipped Cream. Don’t be shy – there’s no such thing as too much Whipped Cream.


Once you’ve thoroughly scrunched your locks, twist it all up into a loose bun. For this part, I like to use a stretched out hair band so that I don’t get any kinks in my curls. Then let that sit for a while ‘til your hair is completely dry. Then undo your bun, shake out your hair just like the models do in a shampoo ad do, and there you have it – beach babe hair that’s also totally soft and luxurious to the touch.

If you’d like to find out how LADY DEE-LISH extensions can breathe new life into your locks, or you have any questions about keeping them in optimum condition, then feel free to call me on (03) 9857 4689 or email me at


I can’t wait to help you on your journey towards a better year of hair health and styling!