Nov 19 2015

Hair Trends we’re Loving!!!

Here at LDL, our expertise isn’t limited to hair extensions. As Christmas quickly approaches—between events with family, work and friends—calendars seem to fill up quicker than stockings. So, with outfits already selected and little time left for a spare breath, we look at what on-trend hairstyles will get you through the busy holiday season this year.

I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

Boho-chic was brought back in a big way by names like Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Moss. What did this mean for fashion? It spawned a unique style with bohemian and hippie influences; flared jeans, maxi skirts, ankle boots, prints, vests and chunky jewellery. More importantly, what did this mean for hair? Aside from a spike in garden vandalism, the natural waves of yesteryear became widely popular once again, adopted by women the world-over.

Fast forward to now and this look is a spring and summer time staple, rearing its daisy decorated head whenever, no matter how short lived, the sun comes out to play. If you’ve never rocked flowers, real or otherwise, upon your natural locks, with summer just around the corner the time to embrace your inner-hippy is now.

Big hair, bigger heart

Rewind to the 50s. Girls dressed in satin robes draped across satin sheets painting their nails, applying overnight face treatments, and wearing hair rollers. They talk of school, boys, of the family they’ll have in what they hope is the not-so-distant-future, and the white picket fence houses they’ll eventually call their own. Their favourite records playing softly in the background muffled only by bursts of giggles. All these hours spent tirelessly trying to achieve the next day’s hair-do, a hair-do that says: “hello, I’ve arrived”. Some things never change, and now the hairstyle that has come in and out of fashion more times than Sandy and Danny had wardrobe changes in Grease, is bigger than ever. Often referred to fondly as the ‘sex-bomb’ or ‘bombshell’ look, and made famous by names like Bridgette Bardot – we welcome its return with open arms.

Life’s a runway

Loose tails and loose braids have been dominating fashion catwalks of late. Accompanied by minimal makeup, the look channels a ‘girl next door’ meets ‘effortlessly cool’ vibe – and in short, we like it. Adopted by designers like Jeremy Scott, Vera Wang and Michael Kors, this hair-do can complement a clean and chic ensemble, or help tone down a loud look, letting the clothes talk for themselves. Easy and versatile, this look is perfect for work, a first date or even a runway debut; after all, isn’t life a runway?

So much more than premium hair extensions

For all women, those that wear hair extensions and those that don’t, we don’t want you to feel you have to limit your self-expression! The key to balancing show stopping hair with hair that is healthy and strong, is maintenance. Unfortunately, when it comes to hair, you can have too much of a good thing, and these things usually come in the form of heat, chemicals and pull, i.e. brushing. For maintenance tips and advice, check out our post Four Fabulous Maintenance Tips. For products that can help you can also take a look at My Milk Shake Brings all the Girls to the Salon. Lastly, for questions not yet answered, call me on 03 9857 4689 or email me at . The LDL experience is so much more than premium hair extensions, call us now to find out more today.