Feb 28 2016

Hairloss and How We Can Help… the LDL Way

As most people would agree, hair can make or break a gal’s confidence. At Lady Dee-Lish we know that better than anyone, which is why we’re so passionate about giving women the flawless look they’ve been dreaming of.

For many of our clients, hairloss conditions such as alopecia bring them to our salon in an attempt to find a way to get back the natural, luxuriously healthy look they desire. Interested in how our team of stylists do it? At the risk of revealing too many of our secrets, today we decided to give you the run-down on how we help our lovely ladies look and feel their best again.


At LDL, we know that women experiencing hairloss can often feel insecure and hesitant when seeking out styling methods. That’s why it’s so important to us that our clients feel comfortable from the minute they book their consultation to the second they leave the salon after having their weft installed. After finding out exactly what you want from your new ‘do, we get to work on sourcing the perfect virgin Russian weft for your needs. The result? Impeccably natural locks that you can love day in, day out.

What’s more, our services are suitable for any condition – whether your hair is thinning or patchy, we have the experience and skill needed to get it looking exactly the way you want it. During your initial consultation with one of our talented stylists, we will determine exactly what you want from your extensions. The best thing about our virgin Russian options are that they come in so many colours and styles that there is something for everyone – literally. All of our wefts are tailor made in our salon, crafted to your exact specifications. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’; we believe in individuality, luxury and a beauty that is unique to you. Last time we checked, that doesn’t come in a box, so we decided to bring it ourselves.

Whether you’re dreaming of a long, feminine look or are simply wanting to create thickness rather than length, we can deliver the goods

Naturally, we also find that many clients are concerned about how our extensions will affect their existing hair. The truth is that our top of the range virgin Russian wefts and expert installation technique does not create any damage whatsoever. From the authentic, untouched extensions that we apply to the careful way we treat your hair, everything we do is guided by a passion for achieving healthy, long-lasting results. We’re all about nurturing those natural locks, baby, taking care of them every step of the way to ensure that both your existing hair and your weft are in tip top shape.

We do have to warn you, though – our superstar specialists are the best in the biz, which means that you’re inevitably going to be the subject of major hair envy everywhere you go once we’re done with you. Yes, it’s a burden being so fabulous that everyone simply can’t look away, but someone has to do it and we think you’re up to the challenge.

If you want to enquire about getting hair extensions with Lady Dee-Lish, call us on 03 9857 4689. We’d love to speak to you about all things hair!