Nov 05 2015

Handmade wefts – We are now wefting in house! Woo hoo!!!

Here at LDL we construct quality handmade wefts in-house through our unique and thorough processes. Constructing our wefts in-house allows us to ensure our customers receive the highest quality workmanship. The finished product will be constructed from a ponytail selected by you, and customised to fit your head measurements perfectly, ensuring each set of hair is for your wear only.

Once you have chosen your hair the wefts will be beautifully handmade by us and our distinct installation process ensures the wearer can keep the tailored weft in for as long as their heart desires. Our solutions are fitted, durable and made to last, offering quality that you won’t find from our competitors.

Thanks to our unique installation method, our wefts are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them at all. We can also repair old and damaged wefts, returning them to their former glory so you can continue to sport your head-turning hair-do without fear. Whether you’re after an entirely new weft or simply repairs, we’ve refined our exceptional services to ensure your order is ready to go within days, not weeks.

You simply deserve the best. Thankfully, Lady Dee-Lish produces and installs the very best wefts available to satisfy that very need. We’re also incredibly excited to announce that we have a new addition joining the LDL team, someone who is incredibly close to my heart. That’s right, my remarkable mum will be hand making all our beautiful wefts in house alongside me from now on, and you can rest easy knowing being fabulous, clearly, runs in the family.

We’ll walk you through the construction of your customised weft, the installation, and provide you with essential tips to ensure it remains in its most optimal condition – it’s the LDL difference.

Are you interested in finding out what sets LDL’s wefts apart? We’re more than happy to take your call on 03 9857 4689, or alternatively, you can email us on! I’m more than happy to personally answer any of your questions. Our personalised customer service is central to our point of difference and, in part, why our clients choose LDL.

I absolutely love getting the opportunity to work with such inspirational women & truly am blessed to welcome Ella as an LDL Client, Ella now wears a full head of LDL’s Exclusively Russian hair and could not be happier.