Mar 26 2016

Heatless Hairstyles That You & Your Extensions Will Love

As much as we all love our curling iron, the truth is that regularly applying heat to both your natural hair and your extensions is a sure-fire way to end up with dry and damaged locks.

Even LDL’s top of the range Russian virgin wefts aren’t immune to the effects of heat, as the natural oil your scalp produces isn’t able to nourish and hydrate them throughout the day. But never fear, because it’s not all bad news – there are actually a ton of great ways to get beautiful, voluminous hair without using heat. So put away those styling wands and step away from the blow dryer, ladies, because LDL has the lowdown on how you can rock a range of fabulous hairstyles without putting it in harm’s way!


It’s the eternal beauty problem – how do you go from professional-chic to night-life ready when you don’t have the time to head home and get ready after work? LDL might just have the answer to that one. Make your work-do for the day a low bun, spraying your locks and extensions with an LDL-approved product to nourish and moisten them before twisting your hair into a bun and pinning it down securely. After work, take out the bun and watch as a mass of messy waves fall down your back, making for the perfect effortless-glamour look. Now all you need is a quick costume change in the work toilets and a swipe of lipstick and you’re ready for a night out with the girls. Easy, huh?


When you step out of the shower at night, instead of reaching for the blow-dryer, get your hands on a few hair ties. After putting your usual treatment or products through your LDL wefts, brush your locks and separate them into medium-sized sections. Next step: get braiding, girlfriend. Tightly plait each section, secure it with a tie and leave it in overnight to dry. In the morning, take out each braid to find that your locks are now curly and gorgeous. If you’re thinking of rocking the messy look, simply tousle them together with your fingers and head out the door. If you prefer a more polished style, lightly brush through your curls to blend them together. And there you have it – wonderful waves minus the harmful heat!


For those stylish ladies who love a good up do but want something more exciting than throwing your hair into a pony tail, we have you covered. Separate your hair into two sections with a middle part and French braid each side, securing each one with a hair tie. Then, take the ends of the plaits and cross them over at the back of your head, twisting them together so they appear to blend into one. Use bobby pins to keep them in place and, if you want more of a relaxed look, pull gently at the braids to loosen the hair. This technique is elegant and chic and, most importantly, suits a range of styles from formal and flirty to casual and quick.

Whichever heatless style you choose, your natural locks and your Russian virgin LDL wefts will adore you for giving them a break from the harsh and dehydrating effects of curling irons and other heated styling wands. After all, when it comes to creating beautiful, on-trend hairstyles, you don’t need to risk the health of your hair to be the most stylish gal in the room. After all, with our extensions, you’re already half way there…

If you want hair that looks great curly or straight, day or night, call Lady Dee Lish today on 9857 4689 to hear how we can help you with our customised wefts!