Feb 18 2015

How to Deal with Fine Hair

Meet one of our gorgeous clients.

She has always longed for long thick hair; however, due to genetics has always had extremely fine hair. As she was getting older her hair was becoming finer and finer, especially through her part line and top section.

She was sick of looking at other women and wished there was an option for her, when she was recommended to us by a friend of hers who had her hair done by us. She told us that she was super excited.

Check out the images below to see her transformation.

We began by installing a full set of LDL Hair Extensions to give her the length and volume she wanted, then we applied a colour to deepen her roots: that’s when the magic began to happen!

Her finishing touch was a product we used through her hair line called “Hairluxe.” This product is simply coloured cotton fibres that stick to her natural hair fattening it up whilst also colouring the scalp to give the illusion of naturally thicker hair. We absolutely love this product and think you will too. Hairluxe is a quick fix for people with thinning hairlines and for both men and women. You can use it whenever you are feeling self conscious to give yourself a boost – it is like make-up for your hair.

Do you have thinning hair and want a complete transformation? Then how about call us on 03 9857 4689, we would love to give back your self confidence!