Dec 03 2015

Humble Beginnings

The Lady Dee-Lish team is feeling very thankful of late, more so than usual, because we’re gearing up to open our brand new salon. A milestone such as this one reminds us of the early days, when I was driving between clients houses, working from the trunk of my car. It feels like a hazy dream looking back, but I have the fondest memories of LDL’s trunk days. Powered by coffee and blind ambition, I’m proud to say our oldest clients are still with us to this very day. A testament to what we’ve achieved and the loyalty of the LDL clientele who, honestly, feel more like family.

It’s incredibly exciting to think that we’re about to cut the ribbon on a fresh new seven seater salon to accommodate our ever-growing clientele. I often joke with the LDL clients that have been with us since day dot, reminiscing about pulling into their driveways to find them awaiting my arrival with anticipation. An anticipation I’m assured has stayed the same despite the change of scenery, and that fills my heart with joy.

From my car boot to a one seater salon, to three seats and now seven. What was once a small business is now a registered company.
As the evolution of LDL continues, our dreams for the future only continue to get bigger and bigger. The location isn’t the only thing that has evolved, we’ve also been through some expansion within the team. My wonderful mother has joined me in the salon, as well as a new stylist named Carice. Carice has experience in runway shows and short film, bringing a whole new flavour to the LDL brand, and we’re excited for her to grow with us.

Just beyond the horizon for this company is yet another new addition. A new LDL lady who will be starting shortly, so look out for a little introduction coming sometime in the next few weeks. I don’t mean to sound cliché, but teaching these ladies what it means to provide the service we do, with the level of quality and professionalism that we do, is one of my proudest achievements. This, in part, has driven me to take LDL interstate. Yes, just beyond the horizon is a salon in every Australian state trained to provide the LDL experience to those who would otherwise have to fly in and out for their LDL fix. Beyond that? Only time will tell…

Life outside the salon walls has also changed since our humble beginnings, my life has obviously gotten a lot busier, and the increase in clients isn’t the only reason why. Some of you will already know, but some of you may not, that my partner and I have a little boy named Lucious. Lucious fills our lives with so much happiness and, as you can imagine, keeps us on our toes! I hope one day he will chase his dreams with the same passion, enthusiasm and love that has driven me to take a LDL to new and exciting heights – and if genes are anything to go off he undoubtedly will.

In saying this, I have finally conceded that it is time for me to get a PA/social media guru who can take some of the pressure off me so that I can focus on where I thrive: spearheading LDL’s growth and ensuring our clients continue to benefit from the exceptional customer experience they’ve come to expect. So if you’re reading this and you know a gal/guy or you are that gal/guy, please drop me a line at I would love to hear from you.