Dec 01 2014

LDL International – Hair Extensions Installation for a New Zealand Client

OUR BEAUTIFUL CLIENT HEATHER, flew in from New Zealand just to see us, (What an honour).

Heather has always had quite fine hair but with aging plus regularly bleaching her hair for some time, she had started to notice that her hair was becoming even finer, therefore slowing the growth pattern. Heather desired long gorgeous hair that she knew she would never be able to grow naturally. She did some research and discovered there were few options available in NZ for long lasting hair extensions.



Googling “best hair extensions in Melbourne” she found us, and made contact right away!

We began the process with a consultation via Skype and discussed her individual wishes, taking the first step toward creating the look she’s always wanted. From there we were able to custom design a set of hair uniquely for her. But that was not the end of the process.


Optimal maintenance of LDL-installed extensions ideally requires return visits every six weeks. But when you live in New Zealand, this poses a significant challenge! For Heather, it simply was not realistic to fly back to Melbourne that frequently. So together we set out on a little journey to help find someone in her local city that could continue her ongoing maintenance.



For Heather’s New Look she chose to fly down and have us complete her transformation.

Thank you Heather, we absolutely loved giving you your new look!

At LDL we pride ourselves on supplying high quality, long lasting products and services. If you are Interstate or Overseas and are wanting your very own set of russian hair extensions all you need to do is simply call us on +61 401 221 290 and we will guide you through the process of arranging your very own set of custom made Hair extensions.