Dec 24 2015

LDL’s Need to know hair FAQs

Well and truly into summer—the season of soaking up sun rays and downing tequila sun rises—today’s post will explore some important FAQs many women I speak to are still unaware of. That’s right, as you jet set around the globe, escape down to the coast or lounge by the pool, here’s a a few things you may want to consider first.


Hairspray isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! There, we said it

“Hairspray and I have been allies since up-dos and recitals, there’s just no way it could be doing my luscious locks damage!”—If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, it certainly is. To shed some light on ‘why’, let’s have a closer look at this essential part of every woman’s adolescence, and likewise, makeup bag. One of the key ingredients in many hair sprays on the market today, is alcohol. Many woman use hairspray before using a styling iron or curler and, unbeknown to them, are inflicting major damage with this cocktail of hair, alcohol and heat. To avoid the drying, breakage and static that this bad-hair-habit can cause a) Just don’t. These tools were designed for the purpose of setting your hair in place without the assistance of a third party. Or b) Stick to all natural products and always, always check the label. Your hair will thank you.


Labels and Google aside, always consult a professional\

Whilst we’re on the topic of checking labels, did you know using the wrong products can be more detrimental to the health of your hair than using none at all? For example, if your hair is oily and you’re using products designed for treating dry hair, you’re only exacerbating the problem. This is, in part, why I encourage all my clients to call me with any questions or concerns. Conducting your own research is all well and good however, no amount of Googling can replace the trusted advice of a professional. We have several treatments catered to a diverse range of needs available to purchase at the LDL salon. We’re more than happy to help you find the answer to your unique requirements over the phone or in store. As someone who deals with damaged hair and the effects on a regular basis, trust me—don’t risk it.


Natural looking highlights without nasty UV rays

This one is an important as we enter one of the hottest summers to date. It seems like everyone is chasing that sun-kissed look, alas, not everyone can rock olive skin and natural highlights safely. If you’re more susceptible to sunburn and dry hair, make sunblock and a hat your must have accessories this summer (see our previous post What’s in my Beach Bag? for inspiration…). Embrace your natural complexion or seek out a natural looking spray tan, and for highlights without those nasty UV rays — call me. We love our LDL ladies and want no harm to come to you or your hair this summer.


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