Apr 17 2016

Letting You in On The LDL Story

It’s story time on the Lady Dee-Lish blog, and we can’t be more excited to share this one with you. After last week’s sneak peek at the new LDL video, we are beyond excited to unveil the full length version that has been in the making for months now.

But before you press play, we want to tell you how LDL became what it is today. Because, if we’re honest, this story is worthy of its own Hollywood film, complete with an awesome soundtrack and a kickass gal power cast with locks so stunning that they’re the subject of major hair envy (naturally). So get comfortable, because we think you’re going to love this one almost as much as we love it ourselves. And if any Hollywood producers happen to be reading this, I’m thinking that a Hollywood ‘A’ Lister would be perfect for the role of Lady Dee-Lish herself. You know, just for the record…


Well, it all started in a land far, far away from the comfort of the beautiful 7 seater salon our clients now know and love. In fact, this story began in the boot of my car. I know – glamorous, huh? But it was here, driving through the suburbs of Melbourne with a trunk full of Russian virgin wefts and a head brimming with passion, that Lady Dee-Lish found its feet.

After 6 months I was servicing so many beautiful clients that I was forced to trade in my salon-on-wheels and transform a section of my home into a 3 seater space. LDL was growing and so were my dreams, goals and ideas for the future. It was in this first 6 months that I found out just how incredible it is to make women of all ages, backgrounds and needs feel great about themselves. I was utterly obsessed with what I was doing and, as my client base continued to grow even more, I knew I had to find a team of fantastically fabulous staff who shared my vision too.

In seemingly no time at all, our team grew to what it is now; 4 wefting professionals in an 7 seater salon, producing high end, custom wefts in house with a client list so long and wonderfully loyal that we are constantly searching for new staff to keep up with the demand.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s the service that has set us apart and made us so successful. And it’s our clients, the new and the old, who keep us loving what we do. Gone are the days when we would only install our Russian virgin wefts to people in the suburbs of Melbourne – now, we have beautiful women from all over the country who drive for hours or catch a flight every 6 weeks to make their appointments. We supply hair to Europe and America and have never received negative feedback – not once in the five years since we started. This is why we are so passionate about what we do and it’s why we are constantly trying to expand and improve on our services; so we can give every woman who walks through our door the feeling of pure luxury and confidence that they deserve. It’s as simple as that – we want you to have the best, and in order to do that, we need to be the best. And that’s a challenge we’re always willing to take on.


Lady Dee-Lish is a labour of love, a result of endless passion, commitment and a belief that if you love your clients wholeheartedly, they will loyally love you right back. As a team, we could not be more proud of everything that LDL has achieved so far, from humble beginnings to a stunning new 7 seater salon and a growing family of staff.

But we’re not closing the book just yet. No, this journey has only just begun. And we’re so excited to have you along for the ride.