Mar 06 2016

Looking Good Has Never Been So Easy | Maintaining Your LDL Extensions

Contrary to popular belief, hair extensions should be effortless in both their beauty and their upkeep… if you invest in the right ones, that is.

At Lady Dee-Lish, we don’t believe that maintaining your flawless look should come at the cost of your time and money. Honestly, our hair extensions require little more maintenance than your natural hair, and that’s exactly what our clients love about them! Today we’re going to give you some of LDL’s foolproof tips to keeping your extensions looking absolutely fabulous – proving once and for all that when they’re done right, your weft can simply go with the flow.


Let’s get this out of the way, as it seems to be one of the biggest concerns most people have with extensions. When you come to LDL for some hair lovin’, you leave with the purest, most untouched Russian virgin wefts available. So what’s the secret to keeping these beauties salon-gorgeous even while you’re at home? What’s the magic spell that leaves them looking impeccable for months and years on end?

Shampoo and treatment.

We know – anti-climactic, hey? But it’s true! When you come to LDL, you don’t need any special potions or rare and expensive products to keep your extensions looking incredible. All you need to do is buy a shampoo and treatment recommended by one of our extension specialists. As usual, you should wash your hair with this shampoo once or twice a week and use the treatment in replacement of your normal conditioner. This is crucial because it gives your beautiful Russian wefts the moisture they need to stay soft and stunning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Follow this rule and you’ll be loving your locks for a long time!


We hate to break it to you, but drying your hair is just as simple as washing it is. Once you’ve hopped out of the shower or bath, all you need to do is pat all of the moisture out of your beautiful wefts with a towel, spray on some of our recommended treatment and comb it through. Once that’s done, all you need to do is give your locks a gentle shake and off you go. Hey, what did you expect? We told you it was simple…


Just like with your natural hair, heated styling wands can cause damage to your extensions if used too regularly and without the aid of appropriate products. But if you’re a fan of curling or blow-drying your locks, never fear! All you need to do is ask one of our LDL staff which heat protectant spray they would recommend for your hair. It’s important to remember that your extensions don’t get the oils that your natural hair does, meaning that they must be regularly treated to ensure they are hydrated and healthy. So if you’re prone to a little straightener love, make sure you’re giving your wefts the treatments they need.

Alternatively, there are a number of ways that you can give your hair some gorgeous heatless styling. Try placing your just-washed locks in plaits overnight and take them out once dry in the morning for some beautiful boho waves!


One of the best things about LDL’s virgin Russian extensions is their ability to look incredible all on their own. When you choose your wefts, they will be customised to you specifically and have their own natural curl pattern. This means that you can – and should! – let them dry naturally and still expect to be ready to leave the house looking fantastic at a moment’s notice. We’re convinced that this is what Beyoncé meant when she said ‘I woke up like this’ #flawless.

So now that you know a little bit about what it takes to care for your Russian virgin wefts, you can forget all you’ve heard about high maintenance extensions – these babies don’t need magic and sorcery to keep them looking fantastic. With a little TLC, they stay fresh and fierce all by themselves.