Jun 14 2016

Maintaining Your Lust-Worthy Locks Throughout the Colder Months

It’s official – winter has well and truly taken the reigns here in Australia, which means three months of freezing, wet and windy weather. We’re sorry to say that none of these elements are a friend to your natural locks or your extensions, which means you might need to step your hair game up a notch in order to keep it looking so wonderfully fabulous. Luckily though, you’ve got the Lady Dee-Lish team on your side, and this week we’re here to give you all the information you need to make sure that your hair looks as hot as ever, even when it’s cold out!

Go darker

Let’s face it, those sun-kissed highlights you got over the summer just seem cruel when you’re looking out the window into dreary, dark weather each morning. So what about a colour change? The LDL team regularly take our beautiful clients from gorgeous shades of blonde and light brown to deep brunettes and blacks throughout the winter season. The depth of these colours can really make your locks come to life and can even help to mask any dryness or damage you may have. Plus, you can’t go wrong with giving yourself that kick of energy and confidence that comes along with a bold and brilliant new look.

Keep hydrated!

Winter is the season of ducking into cafes to escape the rain and finding comfort in hot drinks that almost make you forget how miserable it is outside. And that’s okay – we promise we’re not going to tell you that caffeine is awful for your hair! After all, the LDL team is certainly partial to a steaming hot mug of coffee in the morning. But while caffeine itself isn’t the problem (phew!), the issue is that many people forget to drink enough water throughout the day as they’re too busy trying to warm themselves up with hot drinks! Not only is this awful for your health and your skin, but it can mean hell for your hair. Being dehydrated can cause your locks to dry out and break far easier than they normally would, so make an effort to ask for a glass of water with your latte or to carry a bottle with you in your handbag when you go out!

Deep conditioning treatment

When it comes to seasons that can turn your healthy hair into a dry mess, winter is never the culprit that people suspect. But we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t be fooled by how wet it is outside – the colder months can be a killer for your locks when it comes to retaining moisture! Think about all that time you spend blow drying your locks, standing in a hot shower or shuffling from a warm room to the chilly weather outside? All this temperature change and heat can seriously dry out your hair and your gorgeous virgin wefts, so it’s important to keep up with your regular deep conditioning treatment. We suggest using your LDL recommended Milk Shake product at least once a week to combat these nasty side effects and give your locks the TLC they deserve. Oh, and that reminds us…

Keep your regular salon appointments!

We know it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed on those rainy mornings when all you want to do is stay in your warm doona cocoon and hibernate. Trust us, we’ve all been there! But maintaining your regular 6 week appointments with your LDL super stylist is absolutely crucial to ensuring that your wefts are as perfect as you (and we!) want them to be. By consistently checking in with our team, we can stay on top of any potential damage that the winter months are doing to your hair and give you personalised recommendations and products as to how to combat this at home. Remember, we have your best interests at heart, so don’t stand us up and leave us out in the cold!

No matter what your preferred look is this season, Lady Dee-Lish can deliver the goods. In fact, we kick hair goals all year ‘round! Call our Melbourne salon on 9857 4689 to speak to our passionate team of wefting experts to find out more about how we can give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of!