What happens when you find eight passionate hair industry professionals and put them in a salon where creativity knows no bounds and perfection is always the word of the day? Lady Dee-Lish is what happens. Ever-growing and always in a league of their own, our team aren’t simply wefting experts – no, they’re creative forces to be reckoned with, unique in their own ways but likeminded where it counts. So take a walk on the LDL side for a moment as you step inside our world and get to know us just a little bit better…


Founder, Owner & Director

The beauty, brains and hair behind LDL…

Creating a brand that inspires, empowers and enchants is no easy feat, but LDL’s very own founder and Director does it all without ruffling a hair on her perfectly wefted head. A firm believer in living a life you’re passionate about, Dee has built Lady Dee-Lish on a foundation of hard work, integrity and authenticity. This is a woman who revels in luxury but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty at the same time; someone who has over 24 years of experience wearing and working with hair extensions – so you best believe she knows how to do it right. After all, when you combine passion, motivation and an unapologetic desire to deliver the best of the best to all those who seek it, success is almost inevitable.


Senior Stylist & Extensionist

Our colourful, kickass extension-ista…

With 10 years of hairdressing experience behind her – more than five of those spent working with extensions – she was able to master the art of flawless weft application in no time at all. It’s not easy to live up to the strict standards that LDL is known for, but this lovely lady took it all in her stride. However, make no mistake, her talent doesn’t merely stop there. Ever since she first joined the team, Zoe has become the go-to-girl for those clients who want the most gorgeous colour work in the industry. From beautiful blondes to rich brunettes, balayage, highlights and everything in between, our super-stylist has got you covered. Trust us on this one – nobody does a colour transformation quite like her.


Senior Stylist & Extensionist

The man everyone wants to be friends with…

His career in hair is simply inspiring, to say the least. For more than ten years he has been working his magic, allowing his love of hair to guide him to some of the most recognisable and reputable brand names across the globe. He first started out as a stylist, salon educator and style director for Toni & Guy, a role that allowed him to find his feet and his passion for the hair industry. Oh and no big deal but he also worked backstage at Melbourne and Sydney Fashion Weeks, putting his innovative styling skills to spectacular use for some of the country’s best designers.


Stylist & Extensionist

Chasing her dreams one weft at a time…

Before finding her way to us, this lovely lady worked as a hairdresser for over four years, perfecting her colouring and styling skills until they were simply to die for. But she’s not one to sit around and wait comfortably for the next fabulous opportunity to arise – no, Sophie wanted a challenge, something that would allow her to grow and take her career to new heights. So that’s exactly the type of opportunity she chased after. And she chased it all the way to LDL.


Weft Maker

Putting passion into every weft…

This seasoned pro has been in the hair industry for over 20 years, working hard to perfect her skills and loving every minute of it. In fact, she was working with Dee before LDL had even made its debut. Now, Peggy boasts more than 10 years of wefting experience, so there’s little wonder as to how she’s the best in the business. Just like her partner in crime and fellow weft maker Agnes, this lady is well-versed in the art of keeping up with the high standards that LDL is known for.


Salon Photographer

Capturing every fabulous moment…

Growing up in an artistic household, Eleisha’s creative ingenuity was nurtured from a young age. Imagination and individuality are undoubtedly in her blood, with her mother being a painter and her brothers working as filmmakers and musicians. So, as you can see, it’s only fitting that she went into an artistic field herself. These days, Eleisha’s beautiful two-year-old daughter is her muse, providing the perfect outlet for endless artistic expression. Because as any mother knows, you can never have too many unbearably cute pictures of your little darling. Oh, and did we mention that this ambitious woman is also a phenomenal hairdresser in her own right? You know how we love a powerful lady who can do it all, and Eleisha is no exception.


Salon Manager & Personal Assistant to Dee

A man of luxury…

You could say that Thomas and LDL are a match made in heaven. After all, when you specialise in providing the best of the best for your much loved clients, who better to make sure that they have a phenomenal experience than someone who understands how important it is to help others feel on top of the world? You can notice his kind, optimistic demeanour from the moment you walk in the door; the way he approaches everyone, from clients to colleagues, with a bright, warm smile and a bubbly attitude that instantly makes you feel at home. We’re telling you, when you’re around this fabulous man, bad days don’t stand a chance.

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