Nov 12 2015

My Milk Shake brings all the Girls to the Salon!!! A Product Review from LDL

Now that your hair is looking as fabulous as you are, what products does your favourite hair extraordinaire *suggestive wink* recommend In order to keep your locks in their optimum condition? Today we’ll be looking at one of my all-time favourite hair care brands. Relatively new to the market, but already taking it by storm, enter; Milk Shake.

Jam packed with goodness!!! Which is exactly what your hair extensions need.

Hair care is an extremely competitive industry, and there’s a reason these products have really taken off! Filled with a whole lot of goodness in convenient and compact packaging, with results that speak for themselves. Milk Shake delivers products that; detangle, prevent frizz, protect from heat, add body and volume, maintain colour, protect from UV, smooth the cuticle, and more.

Yep, as it turns out the proof is in the Milk Shake, not the pudding as we previously thought. And with products names like Whipped Cream, the results are particularly tasty.

Whipped cream for your hair

So, some of you may be wondering, rightly so, what purpose a product named Whipped Cream could possibly bare for your hair? You’ll want to keep Milk Shake’s Whipped Cream out of the kitchen, as it is actually a leave in treatment that provides instant, yes instant, softness and moisture to your gorgeous hair.  Although this leave in treatment does produce the softest of results, it also does so much more…

Optimum moisture and hydration 

Whipped Cream preserves colour integrity, conditions and maintains moisture balance and promotes hair hydration. And as an added bonus when people ask you “How did you get your hair looking and feeling so great?!” You get to respond “It’s Whipped Cream!” And enjoy the confusion that ensues. Shortly thereafter giving them the spiel on why they too should try it for themselves *nudge nudge*.

Milk Shake Integrity System

The Milk Shake product offering also includes an integrity shampoo and integrity treatment, both boasting great results for hair nourishment and moisture. The integrity treatment contains organic muru muru butter for a deep nourishment that leaves your hair feeling and looking amazing after just one treatment. These products can be used separately or together for maximised results in a program aptly named the Milk Shake Integrity System.

Hair Extensions require Love and beautiful nourishing products to ensure your hair always stays fabulous.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Milk Shake’s products, and how they can help you keep your Lady Dee-lish extensions in the most stunning condition call us today on 03 9857 4689 or contact us via email at I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have personally, it is part of the LDL difference.