Jun 05 2016

No More Bad Hair Days | LDL Clients Before & After

sdHere at Lady Dee-Lish, our wefts aren’t simply a one trick pony! They don’t just work to make your locks longer, but they offer a huge range of incredible solutions for people who don’t have the look they long for. Today we thought we would detail a few of the common requests we get from ladies when they walk into our salon, showing you how our premium wefting service truly has something for everyone.

Thin to Thick

Many of our clients are desperately looking for a solution that will turn their lifeless locks into the vibrant look they’ve always wanted. Luckily, taking your hair from fine to fabulous has never been easier than it is with our Russian virgin extensions. Just take a look at this beautiful client of ours, who came to us with short, thinning hair and left with a head full of undetectable wefting magic! This is the type of client experience that we love, because it proves that extensions are more than just a way to get long hair. In fact, it’s completely normal for clients to come in completely happy with their length but desperate for some va-voom to bring it to life. This applies to people who suffer from hair loss conditions as well – we have a range of innovative wefting options that can help to cover bald or thinning patches, giving you back the full head of hair you’re looking for! Nope, it’s not witchcraft – just pure talent, passion and a commitment to delivering the best to all our gorgeous clients!

Out with the Old, In with the New

sdWe’re always warning our lovely ladies about the awful effects that cheap, badly installed hair extensions can have on your locks, which is why it gives us so much pleasure to take out tape or keratin bonded wefts and replace them with our state of the art options instead. This client came into our salon fed up with how much trouble her current extensions were giving her and seeking an alternative that would provide an undetectable finish that felt and looked exactly like her real hair. So, of course, that’s exactly what we did. A new set of premium LDL wefts and a Milk Shake colour treatment later and the results are simply astounding. And you know that fabulous new hair feeling you get when you leave the hair salon? Well, with Lady Dee-Lish, you get to feel that way every single day! That’s the benefit of investing in top of the range extensions that won’t matt, frizz or shed for as long as you wear them. As long as you’re with us, beauty doesn’t have an expiration date.sfa

Super Short to Super Long Made Super Easy!

Attention, attention – we have a public service announcement to make! You know that pixie cut you got on a whim after your partner broke up with you, or the disastrous bob that was in fashion for about two minutes? Well, we can fix that. A bad ‘do can seriously bring down your confidence, but trust us on this one, it’s not you – it’s the hair! Come to us for some TLC and we’ll give you back what you’re missing. Take this lovely lady (pictured to the left) as our shining example. She came to us with locks that were cut just below the ears with a dream to take it to a completely new level. Looking at her new wefted ‘do, you would never know that her natural locks are cut so short. Forget about installation methods that fail to blend your hair with your wefts – you won’t leave our salon until you look like a million bucks, baby. That is, and has always been, our promise to you!

So regardless of what you need or what you want, give the LDL salon a call today and have one of our fabulous super stylists explain how we can help you! Contact us on 9857 4689 to chat all things hair and beauty!