Feb 14 2016

Post-Summer Hair Got You Down? Here Are LDL’s Top Tips

It’s time to face the truth – summer is coming to a close, which means gone are the days where we get to spend time in the pool, by the beach or soaking up the sun with friends.

But because we’re optimists, we’re choosing to find the silver lining in the dreary clouds in the distance. To us, waving goodbye to the warmer months means saying hello to hair rehab. That’s right, unless you’re a haircare angel and took every precaution necessary to avoid damaging your locks this summer, chances are that your ‘do could use a little TLC. There are a multitude of ways that your natural hair and virgin extensions can become damaged during the warmer months, which is why Lady Dee-Lish is going to let you in on some much-loved salon secrets to giving your look new life.


For most, summer is a time where we relax and rejuvenate. But for our hair? Not so much. After months of being soaked in chlorine and exposed to the harsh sun, you might find that your locks are dry, damaged and desperately seeking some much-needed attention. Luckily, there are a number of great ways to get your look back on track. At LDL, one of our favourite products to use is Milk_Shake’s Active Milk Mask, a concoction so brilliant that if we didn’t know any better, we might think it was magic. This product is made using all natural ingredients and actively regenerates damaged follicles from the inside out. With just a couple of applications your hair should be back in fine form and smelling like a delicious dessert – a win-win on every front.


We know – blasphemy, right? But hear us out for a second, we swear we haven’t lost our minds!

If you’re anything like us at LDL, summer was probably filled with trips to the beach during the day and sipping cocktails with the girls at night. In hair-speak, that translates to hours spent sitting in the hot sun before coming home and styling your locks with an even hotter straightener or curler. With all that heat, no wonder your hair is dry and damaged! To give it a solid chance at reviving itself as quickly as possible, we suggest packing away the styling wands for a little while. We’re not talking months here – we would never sentence you to such a fate – but avoiding any unnecessary heat for a few weeks after you apply treatments will do wonders for your hair.


If you’ve got our Virgin Russian hair extensions in, we can work our magic and make sure that they’re in tip top shape following the summer season. It’s not uncommon for clients to seek our help for hair that has gone awry in the warmer weather, the usual suspect being discolouration caused by exposure to chlorine. These kinds of chemicals can strip the colour from your hair, making it look streaky and unnatural – a far cry from the perfection we achieve every time our clients walk through the LDL salon doors! A quick visit to your hairdressing extraordinaire and we can make your locks look as good as new once again!

So there we have it – a quick guide to showing your hair some love after the summer season is over. If you would like to know anything more about Lady Dee-Lish’s fabulous virgin hair extensions, call our salon today on 03 9857 4689. We’d love to chat to you about all things hair!