Apr 24 2016

Straight from The Client’s Mouth – Rebekah’s LDL Story

As a salon that prides itself on our incredible quality of service, Lady Dee-Lish thought it was about time that we let some of our wonderful women tell you about their very own LDL experience.

After all, our days are filled with many diverse clients who each have different styles and hair needs, so we know that there is no shortage of exciting stories to tell.

So who is first in line to spill the beans on their experience with us? Well, this week we would like to introduce you to Rebekah – a lady who put her trust in our super-stylists early last year and hasn’t looked back since. Travelling 2.5 hours for her appointments every 6 weeks, she exemplifies the kindness, beauty and loyalty that we have come to expect from our gorgeous ladies.

But enough from us, let’s take a look at where this journey began and all the wonderful things that happened along the way…

Rebekah’s story…

When Rebekah came to us over a year ago, she was completely new to the world of wefts. That’s right – not one synthetic or factory produced clip in had touched that pretty head of hers. We were honoured and excited to be her first wefting experience, so we quickly got to work on giving her the luscious locks she’d always dreamed of.

I chose LDL because when I had my first consult over the phone, Dee was so informative and clarified all questions that I had to ask. I could tell instantly that she was a person committed to delivering high quality service and being loyal to her clients,” says Rebekah of her initial contact with Lady Dee-Lish

In her initial consultation, we established that Rebekah’s hair was extremely dry, malnourished and in desperate need of a fabulous way to get it back to its vibrant self again. Enter: LDL’s fabulous wefts. Like many clients of ours, she was concerned about the harmful effects that extensions might have on her already damaged hair, so you should have seen her face when we told her that our technique actually does the opposite! Instead of compromising the health of your natural locks, our unique installation method allows them to recover and grow while still giving you the chance to rock a beautiful look along the way.

Almost a year and a half later, Rebekah couldn’t be happier with the way her extensions have completely transformed her natural hair.

It has been a process but the state that my hair is now in is phenomenal in comparison to what it was at first. I no longer have to colour my hair because of the work the staff at LDL have put in… I now have AMAZING hair that is VERY low maintenance,” she says of her experience with LDL’s wefts.

More than just beautiful hair…

But as usual, the physical benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Rebekah’s story. As anyone who has stepped foot inside our salon knows, we are deeply passionate about helping women feel confident and happy with who they are and how they look. We want each of our clients to love themselves from head to toe, so we do our bit by making sure that the ‘head’ part of that equation has a fabulous set of locks framing it.

I have grown in self-confidence purely because of the work of Dee and her committed staff… I felt like a different person the day I got my extensions installed!

At the end of the day, Rebekah’s story encapsulates why we at LDL do what we do. After all the hair and beauty chit chat has subsided and we begin to lock our salon doors after yet another long but amazing day, we love knowing that our service has made women from all over feel incredible.

Rebekah said it best when she told us that “LDL aren’t only about hair, they recognise individuality and treat each person as unique.” That’s why we are so obsessed with our jobs and with our amazing clients; because each and every person who takes a seat in our salon chairs becomes an invaluable part of our story.

We’re family, after all. One big family with really, really amazing hair.