Oct 22 2015

The 411 Hair Extension FAQ

In today’s blog post, we’ll attempt to answer some commonly asked questions, like “how long will my hair extensions last?” and “will buying extensions break the bank?” We’ll also show you where you can access even more information and helpful tips. Customer experience is imperative to LDL and this blog post is just another way for us to show existing and potential clients how LDL sets itself apart from other Extensionists.

Will people be able to tell I’m wearing hair extensions?
Lady Dee-Lish picks only the highest quality, premium, natural and healthy virgin hair. When we describe our extensions as ‘virgin’ this means the hair is ‘untouched’. All the hair used to produce LDL’s premium, top of the range extensions has been grown naturally and has NOT been exposed to chemical processes, ie: perms, colours and chemical treatments. Our virgin hair is then collected in intact bundles, with all strands pointing in the same natural direction. This means that your LDL extensions won’t mat or shed like other brands. LDL’s extensions are better than our competitors’ because our hair blends flawlessly into the client’s natural locks, adding both thickness and length (If so desired). In short, NO, no-one will be able to tell. Anyone, that doesn’t know otherwise, will assume you were born with the full and luscious head of hair that LDL’s extensions creates for each and every one of our clients.

How long will my hair extensions last?
Central to our point of difference is that, with the right maintenance and care, our extensions have no expiry date. Additionally, we ensure all our clients understand the investment they’re making by purchasing high quality, natural and healthy virgin hair, and exactly what care it will entail. LDL’s clients are mostly women who are investing in extensions with the intention of long term wear. LDL hair extensions provide these women with a solution to what is often a lengthy and tedious search. Our clients tell us time and time again, in the words of LDL client Anne Revell, “This LDL experience has taught me that although I may have thought I was receiving quality hair extensions before, LDL’s virgin Russian hair extensions are in a league all their own…”
For care and maintenance tips, check out our post from earlier this month Four Fabulous Maintenance Tips to Achieve Flawless Locks.

Will my hair extensions damage my hair?
When buying extensions from elsewhere you’re most likely purchasing factory hair. Factory hair means that the hair has been taken from numerous sources before being treated to various chemical and mechanical processes. These treatments, ultimately, compromise the hair entirely. The LDL difference is that our hair is taken from one source, is untouched and treated to the best possible care. Purchasing and installing second grade extensions onto your natural head of hair will damage your existing locks, we don’t want that. Unlike other brands, LDL’s premium extensions are designed for long term wear and will in no way compromise the health of your natural hair. For more advice on how to spot factory hair, check out our previous post You are Worth it & so is your Hair.

Will buying premium hair extensions break the bank?
Pricing varies as we do not sell a mass produced product, therefore there is no consistent pricing. There are several influencing factors that go into creating a price; how much hair you require, the colour, length, volume, and more. We’re passionate about the customer experience so we endeavour to customise a quote tailored to your unique needs.
We hope that this blog post has answered some of the big questions for you. For anything it didn’t answer, head to our F.A.Q page. Alternatively, you can also call us on 03 9857 4689 or email us on I’m always happy to address any queries you have, it’s a part of the LDL difference.

With loads of tips and all the dos and dont’s of shopping for high fashion on the internet, World Wide Wardrobe proves that being informed never goes out of style.

I absolutely love getting the opportunity to work with such inspirational women & truly am blessed to welcome Ella as an LDL Client, Ella now wears a full head of LDL’s Exclusively Russian hair and could not be happier.