May 22 2016

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying Hair Extensions

With every celebrity, hair dresser and beauty guru releasing their own line of extensions lately, Lady Dee-Lish understands that finding the right option for you can seem overwhelming.

And as much as we hate to say it, it’s incredibly easy for a wonderful wefting dream to turn into a hair extension horror story. So this week, we have decided to show you where others go wrong so you don’t lead yourself down the highway to hair hell. Seriously, trust us on this one – that’s not a road you want to drive on…



To put it simply, our wefts are the designer label of the extension world while these imitations are nothing more than cheap hand-me-downs… literally!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – don’t believe everything that’s written on a box! At LDL, we sell virgin, Russian hair extensions, meaning that our products are grown on the heads of beautiful Slavic women who take care of their locks every step of the way. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy for other companies to misleadingly use the ‘Russian’ label, not because their extensions are grown by Russian women, but because they are simply made in a factory in Russia! Factory made hair has an awful reputation, and rightfully so – not only is it coated in more chemicals than we can count, but the hair itself comes from women all across the world. To put it simply, our wefts are the designer label of the extension world while these imitations are nothing more than cheap hand-me-downs… literally! This is why it’s imperative that you research the reputation of your chosen salon, because a reliable team of professionals like our super-stylists at LDL only ever deliver the most luxurious, true Russian locks. and if you can’t find reviews on a business page? Ask your self why? If the hair is so dreamy why are people not talking about it.


Hair extensions have a notorious reputation for damaging the locks of those who wear them, but luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. While options such as bonding, taoing or gluing the wefts in can leave your hair weak and extremely unhealthy, LDL’s state of the art micro-bead installation method is not only undetectable, but it protects your natural hair! Wait a second, that’s an understatement… It’s actually so gentle that clients often come to us with unhealthy hair and use our wefts to give them the look they want while it builds up its strength again! This is why spending some time learning about these various installation options is one of the most important aspects of choosing your wefts – because if you choose the wrong one, it could mean hell for your hair! And whether you plan to wear your wefts for the rest of your life or simply want to rock them for now, you still need to take care of that head of natural hair you’ve got going on!


All the points we’ve touched on already usually lead back to this common problem – quality costs money, and we know that not everyone has the funds to spend big on extensions. Of course, when you desperately want the hair of your dreams but don’t have the money to afford it, it can be tempting to go for the cheaper option. Unfortunately, when it comes to the wonderful world of hair extensions, beauty can’t be bought with spare change! At Lady Dee-Lish, we are big believers in quality – it’s what our entire brand is built on; the idea that if you deliver the finest results available, that work will speak for itself. Each price is tailored to the individual client, meaning that it can vary greatly depending on what you desire. Although we may not be the cheapest salon on the block, we are certainly the best, promising long-lasting, luxurious locks for each and every one of our clients. And that’s exactly the experience that you compromise on when you choose a hair extension service that offers a cheap solution for half the price.

So what do we recommend for all those gals who want to reach #hairgoals status but don’t think they can afford it just yet? Give us a call so we can give you an estimated price for what you want. After all, our clients consider their extensions an investment in their confidence, one that lasts for years and delivers every dollar back to you with its divine quality.

As always, you can call the Lady Dee-Lish salon on 9857 4689 to speak to one of our professional super stylists about our wefts, or to book your initial appointment!