Oct 01 2015

The LDL Difference with Annie Revell

Today we spoke with one of Lady Dee-Lish’s loyal clients, Annie Revell. We spoke about everything from her very first visit, the LDL difference, and almost causing an all-in aircraft brawl with her luscious LDL locks.

How did you find Lady Dee-Lish and why did you choose LDL for your extensions? *Laughs* It required a lot of extensive Googling and it was no easy task, but Dee’s website and customer testimonials really stood out. The rest is history. I’m so glad I was able to find someone who understands my specific needs. Thanks Google!

Before becoming an LDL customer had you worn hair extensions previously? Yes I did, and I cannot stress enough how much of a difference there is. LDL’s extensions are tailored to meet my needs and Dee makes me feel like her favourite client. Though I’m sure everyone says that!

How did you find the entire process, from finding the LDL website to ordering your extensions and having them applied? The LDL Experience has shown me that although I may have thought I was receiving the best quality before, LDL’s virgin Russian hair extensions are in a league all their own. Aside from Dee’s extensions being second to none, the LDL customer service is a real point of difference. I know I keep saying this but, Dee really understands her client’s needs down to the minutest detail.

How did you like your application process? Quick, easy and painless. Dee made me feel completely comfortable and catered to, as she does every time I fly in.


How do you feel about your hair now that you are wearing LDL’s exclusively Russian hair extensions? I feel fantastic! They work perfectly with my hair and are easy to maintain and style, they’re everything I was looking for.

How long have you had the extensions in now? Since the beginning of the year and they’re as fabulous as the very first day I had them put in.

You fly in every 6 weeks for applications, that’s commitment! Do you mind having to travel for your extensions? It’s completely worth it! Dee bends over backwards to make every visit as comfortable as possible, you can’t put a price on the LDL difference.

When you first had them done, did anyone notice? *Laughs* you’ll love this, I know I did! When I got on the plane after having my extensions put in for the very first time I had two men fighting over who would put my luggage in the overhead.

So there you have it! They say if you want truth you should go straight to the source, and as you can see Lady Dee-Lish customers have nothing but praise for their virgin Russian extensions and our on-going commitment to customer service. If you want to experience the LDL difference for yourself, let’s chat on 03 9857 4689. If you’re a current client who would love the opportunity to share your unique LDL experience with our blog readers, drop us a line at, we would love to hear from you!