Mar 20 2016

Think Extensions Are All About Length? Think Again.


Put your hand up if you think…

  • That hair extensions are only for young women
  • Or that they only exist to make your locks longer
  • Or that you need to be willing to style them each and every day to make them look great

Well, put your hands down because we have some news for you – at Lady Dee-Lish, our wefts are for everyone and anyone.

They can enhance, rejuvenate or completely make over your current look. They can be used to simply change things up or to give you back that confidence you’ve been looking for. They are anything you want them to be, and that’s why we love them.

Regardless of why you want them though, we adore helping women get the exact look they want from root to tip. Our team of hairstylists are utterly obsessed with the diverse range of clients who come to us for help with their hair, bringing an assortment of reasons and experiences with them. So this week, we thought we would let you in on some of the lesser known ways in which extensions can help the ladies who wear them.


If you tend to dabble in some impulsive hair-related decision making from time to time, then it’s likely that you’ve had the old pixie-cut-gone-wrong experience. We all know how it goes – you excitedly show your hairdresser a photo of Sienna Miller’s feminine-chic cut and watch as your gorgeous long locks fall to floor before realising that a pixie ‘do makes you look less like Sienna and more like a teenage boy who refuses to cut his slightly overgrown mop. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have many clients who come in looking for a way to reverse this situation. For many women, they don’t realise how much of their confidence and femininity is tied up in their hair until it literally can no longer be tied up anymore.

So, the question is – can we at LDL reverse it? While we’re still working on the magic formula to make your hair grow 10 inches overnight, our zero-damage weft installation is the perfect way to preserve the health of your natural locks while they grow out, giving you the length you so desperately want back along the way. Eventually, you’ll be able to take the extensions out and revel in the beauty of having naturally long hair once again. But until then, LDL has you and your hair-related mishaps covered.


But don’t be fooled – it’s not all about length! In fact, sometimes it’s got nothing to do with length and everything to do with thickness. If you’ve managed to master the shorter style (in which case, every woman suffering from pixie-cut regret salutes you), but feel that your locks can do with some depth, then hair extensions are just what you need. Whether your hair is thinning with age or if your locks are just naturally limp, LDL can cut your custom-made wefts to match perfectly with your current style. So instead of going with an entire new look, it’s just your current hair amplified. We can do anything, baby!

So instead of going with an entire new look, it’s just your current hair amplified. We can do anything, baby!


Perhaps the most underappreciated aspect of hair extensions is there incredible ability to help those suffering from hair loss conditions. Whether you are living with alopecia or are experiencing hair loss as you age, we understand that some women can feel quite self-conscious and vulnerable when their locks don’t look the way they want them to. Luckily, our team of super stylists are able to give you back the head of hair you once had or always wanted. By customising your Russian wefts to your exact specifications, we can create an undetectably natural look that you can wear with confidence and pride. Not only that, but our innovative installation method ensures that your natural hair is protected from any damage along the way. This is why we’re passionate about our job – because we adore playing a small part in helping women rediscover their confidence.

Those are just a few of the ways in which we at LDL help our clients, far beyond simply giving them long, flowing hair. But whatever the reason, if you want the locks you’ve always dreamed of, give us a call on 9857 4689 to discuss what we can do for you!