Nov 20 2013

Tips for the BEST Hair extensions

LDL’s Top Tips for Gorgeous Hair Extensions.

We’ve all seen & heard the horror stories of hair extensions – Tangled locks, obvious bonds, tapes poking through, bald spots, shedding, helmet heads ……. And to be honest MOST do not even look like real hair (Generally because it’s not!).

But Relax, take a breath and have faith that there is actually hair out there that will not do all these things. In fact there is absolutely no reason why you should have ANY trouble with them at all! The main reasons these things happen, is the majority of extension wearer’s are buying factory produced hair.

This means the hair has gone through a series of chemical treatments, acid washing and bleaching before it is bagged up and put on shelf and sold to you claiming to be beautiful “Virgin hair”. Sadly girls believe it and once your stunning new hair has been installed and washed a couple of times you are left battling the daily grind of trying to rectify it back to the state it was when you first purchased it. Sadly it will never go back to the way it was, as generally it has been coated in silicone and once that silicone is gone you are left with a less than attractive mess and up for more money to purchase more factory hair. So the saga continues…

But guess what? It doesn’t need to be that way, if you buy “REAL VIRGIN HAIR”

The term Virgin means never been coloured, chemically treated, permed, or “touched” and this is what we can provide you with! Thats right – “Virgin” is literally snipped straight from a single donor that has never chemically treated their hair. Which then we custom make it into hand made wefts to comfortably fit your head; Ensuring you will get to wear and enjoy your drama free hair for YEARS to come.

Here are some handy after care hints that you really should follow, If you have invested in a high quality hair extensions it is important that you care for them.

  1. Get the right brush. A stylist-approved brush is essential so that you don’t tug at the extensions too harshly. Try a big soft-toothed brush. Once you have the right brush – use it!!  Brush your hair out gently each morning to avoid nots that can form over night. You want long Rapunzel hair, not dreadlocks!A wide tooth comb is essential for your hair extensions- Hang it in the shower and while your conditioner is on, gently comb through to the ends.
  2. Which brings me to the next Must have item – Satin/Silk pillow cases, not only will these help with keeping your style in place, they will also stop tangling and even better, keep the moisture in your skin and hair extensions.Loosely tie back your hair each night before bed so that it doesn’t get tangled as you toss and turn in your sleep – or during any other bedtime activities!
  3. If you  love your gym & exercise, No problem, Just pop it back in a loose braid to avoid getting all sweaty… you want a hot bod, not a hot head of hair. Gently wash and dry your hair, pat your hair dry, rather than vigorously  rubbing the cuticles together.
  4. Hmmmmm the hair iron, I know, I know you need it right? – Your poor poor hair is screaming whilst being burnt on a daily basis. If you can’t live without your iron use it, but try and only use it once a week and when you do, use a product that will protect your hair from the direct heat.
  5. Always stick to your 6 weekly bookings – Ensuring your gorgeous new hair is getting the maintenance it needs. We lose up to 100 hairs per day naturally, whilst wearing your extensions, that hair predominantly will get caught in your beads, if you leave it too long it will start to cause matting at the root and your stylist will most likely break hairs as she battles to comb it out.
  6. Use a beautiful gentle shampoo & gorgeous conditioner recommended by your specialist and please no supermarket products, they generally contain nasty detergents.
  7. A leave in conditioner is also gorgeous for your hair to have a little extra moisture injected. Hair that is cut from a donor is prone to dehydration, its up to us to keep it hydrated.
  8. And And most importantly LOVE your gorgeous new hair extensions, if you follow these simple steps and buy “REAL VIRGIN HAIR” everything else is easy and life will be just as it always was, just with a little extra luxury attached!!!

If you are interested in having the hair extensions you have always dreamt of without the horror story, Contact one of our specialists for a obligation free quote. <3 LDL