Sep 26 2017

Why We Handmake Each of Our Wefts

When it comes to extensions that are durable, beautiful and virtually undetectable, nothing beats handmade wefts. That’s why LDL specialises in these gorgeous custom creations – because we want all our clients to feel like a million dollars when they leave our salon.


Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should choose handmade wefts when searching for the right extensionist…

Tailored just for you

If you’re looking for the most flawless, natural looking extensions, you’re not going to find them wrapped in plastic sitting on a shelf. In order to perfectly suit that pretty little head of yours, you need a customised weft created just for you.

That’s what we do here at LDL, because we know that every one of our clients is far too unique for anything less. When you come in for your initial consultation we will take detailed measurements of your head.

Then, we take the virgin hair you choose for your extensions and we transform it into a beautiful weft tailored just for you. This process is so important because it means your weft will fit perfectly with your head, resulting in an undetectable finish!

Preserving the integrity of the weft

Quality means everything to us here at LDL, because we know that it means everything to our clients too! By hand-making each and every one of our wefts and then sewing them for further reinforcement, we ensure they won’t fall apart with use. Providing you with something you can feel confident in is integral to us, which is why we will always make our wefts in salon to ensure the highest level of quality.

An end result you can count on

Because our custom wefts are handmade with love and attention to detail, we can guarantee that the hair isn’t compromised in the process. Every step of the way we ensure that your extensions will last for years, allowing you to feel confident wearing them day in, day out. That’s our promise to every single client that walks into our salon – and it’s one we’ve been keeping for more than 6 years!

If you’re ready to get the hair of your dreams, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Melbourne salon by calling 03 9857 4689 to book a complimentary initial consultation.