Oct 16 2015

You are worth it & So is your hair!

There seems to be a misconception amongst those who either wear hair extensions or are thinking about investing in longer, fuller locks. You see, some people seem to think that a simple look at the packaging will confirm, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the origins from which their extensions originated. Awkward. In this post we’ll be exploring why this simply isn’t the case. If you’re a long time wearer of extensions you probably fancy yourself a bit of quality connoisseur, but perhaps there are a few things you haven’t considered.

Unfortunately, manufacturers can and will lead you to believe you’re getting the very best quality when often this isn’t the case. In fact, some of you may be walking around thinking you’re wearing premium virgin Russian hair when in reality your much beloved extensions are actually made from factory hair collected from various subjects. This isn’t stupidity on your part. No, the people who pedal this second grade hair, honestly, are probably as naive as you. Falling victim to this type of foolery can prove to be quite a hairy situation – see what we did there? Thus, in this post we’ll provide you with some tips for spotting the difference between factory and premium hair with untrained eyes.

Essentially, factory hair means the hair began as human hair gained from a variety of sources, and undergoes a series of mechanical and chemical treatments before you purchase it. Amongst other things, it’s bleached, permed and straightened. This process can compromise the quality of the hair significantly, as no care is taken to ensure the hair is kept in its optimal condition. To cover up the poor quality of the hair they coat it with silicone, which makes the hair appear silky and smooth. Unfortunately, this usually wears off shortly after the purchase, especially if the wearer intends them to be used for long-term wear. Factory hair’s quality, if you can call it that, will last roughly between one day and six months and is normally sourced from India or China.

Furthermore, some providers will sneak animal and synthetic hair into factory extensions to ensure that it goes further, ultimately, causing the quality to be compromised even further and the extensions to break over time at an even faster rate. Lastly, do not buy hair extensions if they come from a bag of any kind– this is sure way of identifying that you’ve been hoaxed.

Before we wrap this up, let’s quickly talk synthetic hair. You’re far less likely to confuse synthetic hair with premium virgin Russian hair because synthetic extensions are far less common these days and the difference is easily detectible. All the same, this is still important information to know. Perhaps the two most obvious tell-tale signs are the shine and feel. When you’re considering purchasing hair extensions, if the look or feel is even a little bit off cease and desist immediately, put the hair down and move away from the counter. Hair extensions are an investment, you deserve the best – so don’t cheat yourself. If the quality feels wrong from day dot, it’s not going to get better with time; it is only going to get worse.

If you find out too late, it’s probably because you attempted to curl, straighten or dye the hair and it went horribly, horribly wrong. This is because synthetic extensions cannot be curled or straightened as they are extremely sensitive to heat, they also cannot be coloured.

The Lady Dee-Lish difference is that we stock the best. All our extensions are handmade from the finest quality Russian hair; virgin, unprocessed premium imported stock. Direct from the donors pony tail, uncompromised and untouched, silky smooth and with no expiry date. So, why compromise when you could have unprocessed premium imported Russian hair from Lady Dee-Lish? Find out more about why you deserve the best and our guarantee to provide it by calling 03 9857 4689, or emailing today.