LDL wefts are all handmade and machine reinforced from the finest quality Virgin hair in our custom built salon in Doreen. This guarantees you'll select from the most stunning, naturally grown, chemical-free hair in a wide range of colours, providing the best possible durability of each weft not for weeks or months, but for years!


Do you want to have your very own set of customised LDL permanent hair extensions, made for you and you only? Then it is as simple as filling in our consultation form or calling us on : 0413 785 399. We'd love to give you more information about our gorgeous, hand-made wefts and, if you wish, book you in for a consultation.


Lady Dee-Lish was named the top hair extension salon in Australia by Women's Health & Fitness Magazine. Why? Because "you'll never experience hair extensions" like the one's we offer. See why people travel far and wide for our amazing product and unique installation method.

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The best hair extensions on the market – where luxury meets hair!

Get Your Dream Hair with the Best Extension Salon in Melbourne

Welcome to Lady Dee-Lish, where we offer the very best permanent hair extensions from our bespoke salon located in Doreen. Each and every set of our exclusive, premium wefts are custom made using the very finest virgin hair, providing unparalleled quality and luxury that you can enjoy day in, day out.


Our permanent human hair extensions are for Melbourne women who know the true meaning of style and quality. Custom-made to mimic the shape, movement and feel of natural locks, LDL hair extensions give you a look you can love for years. We achieve this by hand-making each weft right here in our Doreen salon, ensuring each client receives a product perfectly suited to their head shape. The result is vivacious, healthy looking extensions which seamlessly blend with your natural hair and accentuate your look. Unlike other options, our wefts and unique installation process is incredibly gentle on your natural hair, minimising the chance of damage and providing an effortless, natural result.

In addition to the outstanding quality of our products, our exclusive clientele benefit from the incredible skills of our extension specialists. Our team flawlessly install your weft and style your locks to make them look their best. With more than 25 years of experience installing and maintaining extensions, and over six years of experience working with the revolutionary LDL process, we are perfectly placed to help you achieve the ultimate goddess hair. Whether you want blonde or black, short or long hair extensions – or anything in between – we can help you get the look you’ve always dreamed of.

LDL extensions have a minimum wear time of 2 years and we are proud to say that they are truly made to last years. Our handmade wefts are custom made for each individual client, so you get a finished look that best suits you. These are not off-the-rack weave extensions, nor are they merely ‘good’ hair extensions; these are couture options for clients who know high calibre hair when they see it. It is a true investment which surprisingly requires low maintenance and stays looking gorgeous for years. These are the best hair extensions on the market; they are completely untreated, naturally strong and shiny virgin Russian hair extensions. Whether you’re dreaming of finally attaining long, lush locks or have been wearing them for years, you’ll love the results.

Every woman deserves to experience the luxury of full, luscious hair. Schedule a consultation with LDL International now to find out how we can turn your dream into a reality. After all, when it comes to hair, it’s what we do best. Book a consultation with us today to talk about hair extensions that are made just for you!



Dee-Anne McGill

Dee-Anne McGill is luxury personified and believes that every woman should experience pure extravagance every day.

She has worn and worked with hair extensions for over 25 years, giving her the knowledge to understand what it takes to achieve a flawlessly natural look using high quality permanent hair extensions.

She is setting out to change the lives of women everywhere, her philosophy being that every extension wearer deserves quality premium hair that is made specifically for their needs.

Highly motivated, creative, driven and confident. Stylish, with a love of art, high fashion and photography. A passion for empowering women to be and have the very best of what life can offer. And most importantly, hair obsessed. This is what drives her to create the best hair extensions money can buy – and it’s why every client thinks the same too.

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