Answering Your Questions About Our Installation Method

Every day, we get asked many different questions about our custom, Virgin hair extensions However, one topic that comes up time and time again is our installation method.


The truth is that LDL does things a bit differently. We don’t offer several different types of installation options – instead, we specialise in just one. We’re always happy to answer any and all questions on this topic, as we want all our clients to make informed decisions before choosing LDL. So, to make things easier, we thought we’d compile a list of the most commonly asked installation-related questions!


Here’s what you probably want to ask and what we definitely want you to know…

How much will it cost for a set of LDL hair extensions?

Our extensions are custom made for each client, as we believe no two heads are the same. They are all hand made right here in our Melbourne salon.


The cost of your hair extensions will depend on a number of factors, such as the colour, length, measurements and number of wefts you require.


In order for us to get to know the look you are wanting to achieve we offer complimentary phone consultations where our extension experts can give you a rough estimate on how much your custom LDL extensions may cost.

permanent hair extensions

From there, you can choose to come in for a complimentary in-salon consultation, so we can get creating your beautiful set of hair extensions and provide you with a detailed quote.


Give us a call on 03 9857 4689 to speak with someone from our team today!

I’ve never heard of your installation method before – can you tell me more about it?

It makes sense that you might not have heard of our installation method before – because we’re one of just a few salons in Australia to use it! It’s called the ‘beaded tracking method’ and it’s a highly specialised and gentle way to install permanent hair extensions.


This method contains no glues, bonds or tapes whatsoever. The simplest way to explain it is that we create multiple ‘anchor points’ from your natural locks and sew the wefts on using high-quality thread. This provides a very stable and durable way to wear extensions.


If you’d like to know more about our installation method, check out our website to see the step-by-step process.

Why do you only offer one type of installation method?

Why would we offer anything but the very best for our clients? Our belief is that our unique installation method is the most gentle, effective and natural way to install permanent hair extensions. We’ve perfected this approach over the past 8 years and we know it works flawlessly, which is why it’s the only installation method we offer.

Why don’t you use tapes or bonds?

Our installation method doesn’t contain any glues, bonds or tapes because it simply doesn’t need to. As our method is chemical-free, it provides far gentler experience for your scalp and hair when compared to these other options. On top of that, our installation method is designed to provide the most natural looking hair extensions possible.

I have very fine hair – will your installation method work for me?

Absolutely! Our installation method is designed to work for all hair types. It’s super gentle on your natural locks, so you can wear your extensions with confidence knowing that your already fine hair will be looked after. You’d be surprised how many of our clients have very short, very fine hair underneath their extensions.

Do you create clip-in extensions?

We sure do! We can create a new set of custom made clip-in extensions for you, or transform your current set of permanent wefts into clip-ins. Simply give us a call on 03 9857 4689 to enquire about the process!

Does your method hurt when being installed?

Our installation method will not hurt you! The most you will feel is that your extensions feel tighter after a reinstallation, as they have been moved up on your head. But trust us, you will be so busy loving your hair that you will barely even notice!

Is there anything I can’t do while wearing my LDL extensions?

Only one thing… when wearing our extensions, you will find that you cannot stop looking at yourself in the mirror!

We joke (kind of), but the real answer is NO. Our extensions are created to be super low-maintenance and fit your everyday lifestyle. Wear them to the gym, in the pool, get a blow wave, style them… as long as you use a great shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, you’ll be good!

Are your hair extensions comfortable to wear?

Our extensions are VERY comfortable! So comfortable, in fact, that you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing them after a while.


Check out our general FAQ page or feel free to get in touch with us on 03 9857 4689! We are always happy to answer your questions about anything LDL.