Sep 27 2018

Are Hair Extensions Uncomfortable?

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a set of permanent extensions, you’re probably wondering. “are hair extensions uncomfortable to wear?!” And the answer is plain and simple: absolutely not! Here at LDL, we specialise in creating custom, permanent wefts that both look and feel completely natural.


Our clients – and LDL’s very own staff – wear their extensions day in, day out for years without any discomfort. This is the beauty of the LDL process; after a while, you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing extensions at all!


With that being said, there are a few things you should be aware of before your first installation appointment…

What to expect from your extensions

Here at LDL, we can confidently say that the installation method we use for our custom extensions doesn’t cause any long-term pain or discomfort at all. What we do tell our clients, however, is that you might feel slightly uncomfortable the first night after you have your wefts installed.


The reason for this is simple and nothing to be worried about. When we install your wefts, we utilise multiple anchor points created from thick sections of your natural hair.


Then, we sew the wefts onto those anchor points to ensure they are securely attached to your head. After your first installation, your wefts will feel tight on your head. This is simply to accommodate for the slight, natural slippage that will occur as you go about your daily life. Installing your wefts tight to the scalp ensures you leave our salon with a beautifully natural head of gorgeous extensions. It’s a process you will come to get used to, and after a while you probably won’t notice it at all!

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It’s important to note that everyone has a different tolerance for discomfort. Many of our clients feel absolutely fine after their installation, while others may simply notice that their extensions feel tight the first night they sleep on them. Like we said – nothing major, but we want all our clients to be informed before they sit in our salon chairs!

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How we avoid discomfort and irritation

LDL’s unique installation method doesn’t use any glues, bonds or chemicals when attaching your weft to your hair. This not only preserves the health of your natural locks, but ensures there is no chance of your scalp reacting badly with chemicals of any kind.


The truth is that many other installation techniques rely on these glues to secure the weft to the head, but because they are created using a host of harsh chemicals, clients with sensitive skin may have adverse reactions. When you come to LDL, however, you won’t ever need to worry about this – we’re all natural, baby!

Have a question about our extensions?

If you’re thinking about getting extensions but have a few questions you’d like answered first, feel free to give our Melbourne salon a call on 03 9857 4689. Our team of staff are always happy to answer any queries you might have and book you in for a complementary consultation in our salon!