Jan 10 2018

Colour Matters: Indian vs. Caucasian Hair

If you read our blogs or follow us on social media, you might have noticed that we often talk about our virgin, Caucasian wefts. More specifically, we talk about how Caucasian extensions are the very best money can buy.


But the reason we use Caucasian hair isn’t because of skin colour – it’s because of hair colour. Keep reading to find out why this is so important…

Finding the right colour hair for you…

We are proud to have a client list filled with beautifully diverse women. Their hair, just like them, is unique in so many different ways; colour, texture, style, length. It’s our job to take what they have and turn it into the vision they have in their head in a way that looks and feels exactly like their natural hair.


And, for most people, that’s not possible when using Indian or Asian options.

virgin pony tails

This is simply because hair from these origins is overwhelmingly black in colour. Think about it – how often do you see Indian women walking around with natural blonde hair? Therefore, this type of hair would only suit people looking for black extensions. Caucasian hair, on the other hand, comes in all different colours. From the blackest black to the lightest blonde, it allows you to find something to suit every need.

But wait… can’t you just dye Indian hair?

Good question! Of course, all hair is able to be coloured. But the reality is that black hair – even once bleached and dyed – will never look as beautiful, silky smooth and healthy as hair that is less processed (or not processed at all!).


Think about your own hair. If you’ve ever had it dyed, you will have noticed that it doesn’t look or feel quite as good as it did before. The chemicals used throughout the process of changing your hair colour damage the quality of your locks – that’s a fact you can’t avoid or change. The more chemicals you use, the worse the damage is. So, it only makes sense that if you need to severely bleach, dye and treat black Indian hair to get a lighter colour, the end result won’t be quite as beautiful as you imagined.

This is why we use Caucasian hair

real russian hair extensions

Of course, we can and do dye our Caucasian wefts to flawlessly match what our clients are looking for. The difference between dying this hair and Indian options, however, is the method behind it.


When you purchase Indian hair, it is often dyed and chemically processed in the factory where it was made. This isn’t good for many reasons, but one of the most important is that you have no idea how exactly this hair was treated. This hair is usually so damaged that it barely lasts the wearer a few months. And this is precisely why LDL would never sell these extensions to our clients.

The Virgin, Caucasian hair we use has never, ever been chemically treated before it arrives at our door. It is literally sent to us in whole pony tail form – cut directly from the donor’s head, put in a postage bag and sent to our salon. This means that the hair you choose for your extensions is in impeccable condition and will last for years.


If it requires colouring of any kind, we will always do this in our salon because it allows us to use the method and products that preserve the quality of the hair as much as possible. With us, it’s all about ensuring that once it’s on your pretty little head, it will last for years and look incredible every second along the way.

If you would like to know more about LDL’s custom-made Virgin, Caucasian extensions – or if you want to book your complimentary initial consultation – don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03 9857 4689.