Dec 12 2018

6 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Hair-Lovers


Whether it’s your mum, your partner, your daughter or your sister, most of us know someone who is absolutely hair-obsessed! For those who know little about the world of blow-waves and balayage, however, buying the right hair-related gift might seem tricky.


But don’t worry, because here at LDL we know exactly what will excite the hair-lover in your life – because we’re passionate about hair ourselves. Here are a few of our go-to gift recommendations for Christmas…


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EVY InfusaLite Hairdryer | $210


Most women will tell you that a hairdryer is an essential item in their bathroom. However, the truth is that most heated technology is incredibly damaging to your hair, causing it to dry out over time. The EVY InfusaLite dryer is different, though. This tool features EVY’s innovative mineral-infused technology to keep hair healthy, moisturised and shiny every time you use it. Not only that, but it offers 2 different nozzles and 3 variable heat and fan speeds to provide the best styling results. Trust us when we say it’s the perfect gift for any hair-lover this Christmas!

EVY Professional IQ OneGlide 1.5” Straightener | $299


This Christmas, gift that special woman in your life a straightener that makes styling easy, beautiful and healthy for her hair. Like the InfusaLite Dryer, the EVY OneGlide 1.5” straightener is designed using the most innovative, mineral-infused technology – one that not only styles hair to perfection but protects it along the way. And, like the name suggests, it straightens locks with just one, effortless glide. All in all, this is the perfect gift for those women who love getting the salon-look from home (and really, what women doesn’t?).

EVY Professional E-Curl | $259


Know a woman who regularly wears her hair in bouncy, beautiful curls? This is the gift for her. EVY’s amazing curling iron is the crème of the crop when it comes to heated styling tools. Not only does it include EVY’s iconic mineral-infused technology, but it also has a whole lot of features that makes it more convenient than ever to use. A rotating cool tip eliminates the problem of accidentally burning your fingers (ladies, we’ve all been there), while the extra-long barrel is perfect for styling longer locks with ease. If you’re looking for a gift that will be well-loved for years and years, this is it.


Restructuring Bond Repair Leave-In Overnight Serum | $49.50


Throughout the warmer months, our hair can become dry and damaged as we spend time in the sun and swim in chlorinated water. This overnight serum by Alterna Haircare, however, keeps locks strong, healthy and beautiful while protecting them from further damage. Packed with high-quality, caviar-infused ingredients, it doesn’t just mask damage – it helps to repair and replenish every time it’s used. In other words, the perfect gift to pop under the tree for that hair-lover in your life.

Smoothing Anti-Frizz Nourishing Oil | $49.50


Do you know someone who can’t seem the beat the frizz during those hot, humid summer days? Gift them this product and they’re sure to be forever grateful. This nourishing oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, minerals and a host of other powerful ingredients, allowing it to smooth frizz-prone locks for up to 72hrs with ease. Hair that is treated with this product is left shiny, smooth and absolutely beautiful, minimising signs of dryness and breakage. Trust us, when it comes to haircare products, this one is sure to impress any hair-lover.

Replenishing Moisture CC Cream | $49.50


Like we said, the summer months can be tough on our hair. With this product, however, you can help your loved one protect their locks and minimise damage. Alterna’s CC cream is a leave-in product that offers 10 amazing benefits in one, including UV protection, heat protection, smoothing qualities and much more. This is a gift that any hair-obsessed woman will love to receive, and you can feel certain that they’ll get plenty of use from it over the next few months.

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