Helen’s Story: How Hair Loss Led Her to LDL

Stories of hair loss are not uncommon amongst many of our clients here at LDL. Over the years, we have helped women from all walks of life get the hair of their dreams after a condition or a life-event caused them to lose their locks. It’s something we are incredibly passionate about, because we believe that every woman deserves to feel amazing inside and out.


For this reason, our beautiful client Helen and her journey to finding LDL is very close to our hearts. Today we thought we’d share her story with you and explain how our custom extensions gave her the self-confidence she thought she might never have again…

Where Helen’s journey begins…

In 2017, Helen experienced a health scare that required her to undergo heart surgery. As a result, her Doctor recommended that she lose weight – what she didn’t expect, however, is that as she shed the kilos, she would also start shedding hair. Helen recalls her doctor telling her that she can either lose weight or keep her hair. Feeling disappointed that this seemed to be her only option, she simply wondered why she couldn’t lose weight for her health while also enjoying beautiful locks.

After dropping an incredible 40kg’s, Helen ended up losing around 70% of her hair. As many women can imagine, this was a massive blow to her self-confidence. Over the years, she had grown her hair out to a length and style she absolutely adored. So, as more and more of it fell out, Helen began to feel less and less like herself. She didn’t feel comfortable wearing her hair out, but it was also so short and fine that she could barely put it up in a ponytail. This lead her to feel insecure and paranoid every time she left the house, as she was worried that others would notice what she was so self-conscious of.

Finding her way to LDL

Eventually, Helen went to her long-time hairdresser and told her to cut her hair incredibly short in order to mask how fine her locks had become. But her hairdresser knew that a short style wouldn’t solve her problem or make her feel any better. After all, Helen is a woman who loved her previously long, luscious locks and desperately wanted them back – cutting them shorter would only take her farther from the look she felt most comfortable and confident wearing.

Just as Helen was feeling as though she was out of options, that’s when her hairdresser recommended LDL’s custom extensions.


Having seen our work online and through previous clients of hers, her hairdresser told her to give us a ring. Like so many people, however, at first Helen was incredibly hesitant to the idea of getting extensions. Years earlier – before she had experienced any hair loss – she had worn factory made extensions applied with a glue. This application method severely damaged Helen’s hair, so this time around she didn’t want to risk doing any further harm to her already fragile locks.

Of course, here at LDL we do things differently. After doing some research into who we are and realising that we use an incredibly gentle installation process that doesn’t use any glues, bonds or chemicals, Helen decided to give us a call. This is where everything started to change.

Working our magic

It goes without saying that Helen wanted an extensionist who understood her journey and was dedicated to addressing her individual needs in the right way. When she called the salon and spoke to Dee, any fears and hesitations she had completely disappeared. Having worked with so many clients who had experienced hair loss of some kind, the LDL team knew exactly how to make Helen feel completely comfortable and right at home in our salon.


After speaking to Dee on the phone, Helen booked her complementary consultation in-salon for the very next day. In this appointment, we took her measurements and helped her pick out the perfect Virgin, Caucasian pony tail that would then be made into her custom LDL extensions. After so many months of living with a look she didn’t love, Helen simply couldn’t wait to have her gorgeous new head of hair – so one week later, she was back here again ready to have her wefts installed.

The stunning results

Helen’s journey is one that touched our hearts, so we feel honoured that she chose LDL to help her regain her confidence. This beautiful woman’s transformation is one of our favourites – because not only did she look incredibly stunning, but she felt it too. Having lived with intense insecurity over her hair loss, she was overjoyed to finally have an amazing head of hair that she could wear with confidence once again.


As you can see, this gorgeous, strong, inspiring woman now has the hair she dreamt about for so long. No more wearing her hair up to mask her insecurities; no more feeling worried that others are looking at her hair for any other reason than because it looks absolutely gorgeous! Just amazing, healthy hair that she can count on to make her feel beautiful for years.

Helen’s doctor may have said that she couldn’t lose weight and keep her hair, but she wants other women to know that this simply isn’t the case – not when you find an amazing extensionist who it committed to caring for your natural locks while providing a top-quality product you can rely on day in, day out. There is simply nothing we love more than providing this service to our clients, and we are thrilled that Helen now feels confident and beautiful – because she deserves no less.

If you’re living with hair loss of any kind – or simply want to add more length or volume to your natural locks – get in touch with LDL today on 03 9857 4689 to book your complementary consultation with our team today.