Sep 25 2015

How-to: Hair Extensions for First Timers

When it comes to hair extensions, there are plenty of ways for it to go all wrong, however, in just a few steps we’re going to show you how easy it is to get it oh-so-right.

Don’t Compromise 
If you want to get the most out of your investment, you really can’t compromise on quality. We’ve all seen tacky extensions at work and frankly no matter how on-point your outfit is, from the makeup to the shoes, unnatural looking locks can ruin an entire look.

Not just a Fashion Statement
Here’s the misconception with hair extensions though, they’re not just a fashion statement. In fact, for a lot of women’s hair extensions provide an answer to a much sought after question, “how do I add volume and body to my tired and thinning hair”? Hair extensions, when done right can simply add a little body to your otherwise fine limp hair. And none should detect that you are even wearing them.

Complete your Look
For mature-aged women, hair extensions provide a solution to the effects that time and aging can have on their hair. These not only add length to the wearer’s hair, but they also help to recreate the volume and thickness that the wearer thought they’d lost forever. A full and luscious head of hair can be the final touch you needed to perfect your work, event or everyday look.

It’s a Commitment
So, once you have decided to make the commitment to hair extensions, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, what’s the next step? Quality hair extensions with the right maintenance are intended for long term use. So, a tell-tale sign that the ones you’re thinking of purchasing aren’t up to par, is that the information provided by the seller says contrary to this guarantee.

Well worth the Investment
Hair extension veterans will tell you that the best options money can buy are a premium virgin, Caucasian hair intended for long-term wear. It’s easy to maintain, style, and provides the wearer with the thickness they desire. Though buying the best means you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets, remember that by buying the best your investing in the future of your hair, whereas cheaper extensions will have to be replaced regularly and could potentially damage your natural mane.

The Quality you Deserve
When having them put in, always ensure the person responsible for the task is a fully qualified hairdresser equipped to not only to install the extensions but also to colour match and cut the hair to complete the look to the quality you deserve.

If you’re considering investing in extensions, it’s paramount that you’re committed to the long-term solution they provide. Once you’re mind is made up there’s no looking back – say goodbye to being limited to same old tired hairstyles and say hello to limitless-hairstyle-options.

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