Meet Eleisha – Our Fabulous Salon Photographer

If you’re following LDL on social media – which you should be! – you might have wondered who the creative mastermind is behind all our gorgeous photographs. Well wonder no more, because today we’re introducing you to Eleisha – our incredible salon photographer.


All you need is one glance at this lady’s incredible photos to see why we love having her around the salon. No matter what she’s shooting – whether it’s our custom wefts, virgin ponytails, or luxury Oribe products – she helps us show the world just how incredible the LDL difference is.


Eleisha is a creative force and fits in perfectly with LDL’s passionate team of inspiring professionals. But why would we need to tell you how amazing she is when her work speaks for herself? Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to see her amazing photographs, or take a peek at a few of our favourites below!