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Virgin Caucasian Hair


Quality means everything to us here at Lady Dee-Lish. That’s why we only use the finest Virgin Caucasian hair in the business, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the most natural hair extensions every time they step foot in our salon.

As a name that is synonymous with luxury, beauty and longevity, we are committed to offering clients virgin hair extensions that stand the test of time. But you might be wondering why it’s so important to only use the very best Virgin Caucasian hair, so allow us to explain…


When it comes to creating gorgeous, long-lasting extensions, nothing beats authentic, virgin human hair. Unlike factory produced options, this hair has never been chemically altered or processed in any way. It looks, feels and acts like natural hair because it is natural hair – cut straight from the donors head before being sent to our Melbourne salon!


Here at LDL, we are passionate about creating our wefts from top of the range virgin Caucasian hair. This hair has been kept in its most natural condition right up until the moment we install it on your head. This means that it lasts significantly longer than any other type of hair you can buy. We know that the very best extensions last you not days, weeks or months, but years! With your custom LDL wefts, you can look forward to loving your hair now and in the future.


Put simply, nothing beats virgin hair. That’s why we would never dream of giving you anything less.


When you picture the perfect hair extensions, what comes to mind? Silky soft, gorgeous locks that look absolutely flawless, right? That’s what you get with Virgin Caucasian hair.


Authentic Caucasian hair is available in a wide range of colours and styles. From blonde to black, sleek and straight or gorgeous curls, it allows you to choose the perfect pony tail to flawlessly match your natural hair. In comparison, hair that comes from Asian, Brazilian or Indian origins – while still incredibly beautiful – must be bleached, dyed and coated in a range of chemicals in order to suit people who are looking for colours other than dark brown or black. This, unfortunately, means that whenever you are buying factory extensions, you are not getting Virgin hair – even if that’s what the packet says you are paying for! Here at LDL, we consider our clients think of their natural hair extensions as an investment, because they last for years and trust us, you will never want to be without them.

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By using Virgin Caucasian hair, LDL ensures that our clients can enjoy natural hair extensions that exceed all expectations of beauty, longevity and authenticity. Find out how we can give you your dream hair by booking your free, no-obligation consultation today by calling 03 9857 4689 and speaking to one of our friendly specialists.

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